With a long history of producing landscapes to be used and lived within, sanctuaries for your mind and souls. Focusing on zones with there own points of interest and uses. Working with whats existing were possible, or creating from scratch with a blank canvass.

We have been actively producing products that other landscapers can use within there designs and will continue to support our landscaping brothers and sisters, by offering an ever evolving line of wonderful and unique products.

For those that we have easy access to on the Central Coast of NSW, we would love to personally help you to attain your sanctuary. Be it by providing you with our products or by helping you to implement the changes you have in your mind.

Services including

  • Hard landscaping and infrastructure

  • Fencing/Gates, privacy screening

  • Acoustic screening

  • Concreting, inc polished concrete bench tops

  • Brick work

  • Retaining Walls, old retaining wall cover ups

  • drainage

  • Paving

  • Stone work

  • Gazebos and roves

  • Lighting

  • Irrigation

  • Ponds and water features

  • Shade/orchid houses, sheds, chicken coupes

  • Water tanks, water storage 

  • Wood fired ovens

  • Raised garden beds

  • Planting

  • Arbors

  • Sand pits

  • Garden sculpture 

Us humans are not islands, and it does help often to get influences from many sources. Hopefully we can be that for you.